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Today’s post is really just a simple resolution. Learning at the Flatiron School is really intense and awesome. This week I realized that I have let slide too many things that help keep me healthy and sane, and a decently pleasant person. No more. I moved to New York the day before class started, and it’s been difficult to build a supporting routine. Starting this weekend and for the remainder of the course I will:

  1. get sufficient sleep (almost) every night, regardless of how I’m feeling about my level of understanding about something vs what it “should be”, or how badly I want to work on a project. Sleep should only be lost for truly unique chances for work or fun. Short-term deficits are ok, long-term ones are counter-productive. I entered this week with a huge sleep deficit and a bit run down, and that’s prevented me from absorbing material the way I would’ve liked and being as productive as I should have. Strategic error!
  2. exercise a minimum of three times a week, regardless of the temperature outside or the somewhat intimidating crowds at the gym. Interval days in the park, and circuit days (somehow) in the gym or the park. (Anyone know a park with something to do dips on?)
  3. figure out a better system for feeding myself! Day and evening lunches downtown are crazy expensive. I either need to spend a few hours on the weekend cooking meals (at least lunches) for the week, or dig up better recommendations for cheap and decently healthy grub in the area.
  4. tell the other people in the class how stupidly disgustingly awesome they are, far more frequently.
  5. taper and quit my new thyroid medication. My doc gave me a new drug about 3-ish weeks ago, and I want to forestall the possibility that it’s effecting my mood, energy, focus, memory, retention, or sleeping patterns.
  6. be more social outside of class! More coffees, meals, drinks, and group work, even on projects that aren’t explicitly group-related. I really like people and really like pair-programming.
  7. be thicker-skinned about asking for help, repeatedly, even when everyone is trucking along and doing their own thing.
  8. be more reflective and appreciative of the advances that I’ve already made with code, and thinking in code. Vocalize this more with “I”s and “We”s. It’s pretty amazing really. I still suck compared to the full range of capability of programmers obviously, but have learned a ton about working in teams, myself, code, reasoning via code, and the freedom and expressiveness that certain code limitations and patterns offer. I’m definitely proud of some of the new things I’m capable of or beginning to develop, especially the softer more intangible skills. I’m really happy how addicted I am to figuring stuff out.
  9. indulge that addiction more! Allow time for more code-related ‘focused distraction’, by which I mean time-blocked dives into random processes that I don’t or semi understand. Play yeilds knowledge and wisdom!
  10. figure out some ways to contribute more to our school community. This place and these people are pretty wonderful, and I want to do more stuff for them. But it gets tricky when everyone is so self sufficient and generally awesome…

Anyway, I love you all and want to be a better coder and happier and better person for you. Yes you. I know, aww…